Tech savvy: An app a day can keep ill health at bay

Tech savvy: An app a day can keep ill health at bay

It was 2:30 am. A patient with a serious injury had just been rushed to New Delhi’s Max Super Speciality Hospital. An urgent X-ray was taken, but there were no radiologists onsite during the small hours to interpret the scans. Luckily, Dr Debajyoti Chaudhuri – who was roused from his sleep – could access the image using an app called MphRx Connect on his BlackBerry at home. In seconds, he managed to spot a dangerous bleed, diagnose it, and alert the doctors at the hospital to save the patient’s life.

In another incident in January, Okari, a nurse practitioner at the Lwala Community Hospital in rural Kenya, referred to a mobile app called Skyscape Medical Resources to read up on ‘how to perform a neonatal resuscitation. Okari feared that the child he would be delivering the next day could possibly suffer from breathing problems. And it was the procedures that he learnt on the app that helped him resuscitate the newborn after delivery.

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