The Journey Continues

We spent yesterday and today preparing for our travels to Kenya, and finally embarked this afternoon!

Uganda was amazing, working with the two separate Angels of Hope clinics. Their locations being so varied allowed for a true look into the flexibility of the Health eVillages program. We were able to see both the operation of the devices in these varying settings and the Skyscape training in action with health care providers at very different mobile electronic skill levels. Thanks so much to Fay DeAvignon and the entire Angels of Hope staff for your support and hospitality through this first week!

We spent the night in the western part of Kenya in a town called Kisumu located directly on Lake Victoria. Kenya already has a very different feel even though it is neighbors with Uganda. Much more British influence still exists here as it is one of the few African nations where British culture was allowed to stay. Kenya also has not seen as much of the turmoil and violence

that Uganda has over the last fifty years. Kisumu seems a very welcoming town, with friendly people and a gorgeous view of the lake.

Tomorrow we head to Lwala to meet up with James Nardella, Executive Director of the Lwala Community Alliance. The story of Fred and Milton Ochieng’ is truly inspirational. These two brothers, native to Lwala, Kenya, traveled to the United States to become doctors before returning home to fulfill their father’s dream of opening a medical clinic in their hometown. I can’t wait to get there and see what they have created!

Tomorrow, we journey to Lwala!

– Matt

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