Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais

The Miracle Makers of Mirebalais


Toward the end of our visit to Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, I was given the opportunity to interview various members of the amazing staff. It was during one of these interviews that I was struck by a profound and beautiful statement. While speaking with Marie, the surgical ward manager, I asked if she could tell me about what goes on inside the walls of the hospital.

Her response was simple and poignant:

“We make miracles.”

Nurses-HelpingMarie’s answer is by no means an overstatement, but a resounding truth that could plainly be seen by any visitor of Partners In Health’s 300-bed facility in rural Haiti. There are certainly miracles happening in this place: a place to which people travel hundreds of miles and sometimes wait days to be seen because they know the quality of care they will receive; a place that recently performed a miraculous, successful operation to separate conjoined twins.

With the assistance of Marc Julmisse, Mirebalais’ Chief Nursing Officer, Health eVillages was able to launch a new program this past week and deploy 11 devices to this site. In a training session led by Kathryn Eaton, Health eVillages’ Project Coordinator, 10 nurses were trained on the Omnio application and given access to French-language medical resources.20150601_113239

Being that the facility is a university hospital, education will play a particularly significant role in Mirebalais. During our discussion with Marc, she spoke with great enthusiasm about having a “captive audience” in the patients that are waiting to receive care and how this presents a great opportunity to provide education by utilizing the device’s video content. “The possibilities are endless,” Marc explains, “and we can now challenge our staff to think about the endless possibilities.”

By providing technology that integrates into the nursing staff’s workflow, it is our hope that Health eVillages may empower these nurses to continue to do what they do best: make miracles.

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