Treating the “Whole Person” at Mercy Community Healthcare

Last month, we had the incredible opportunity to visit Mercy Community Healthcare, a federally qualified health center located just outside of Nashville, TN, which serves more than 7,000 patients each year. This was the first visit to Health eVillages’ newest site so it was a welcome opportunity to view their healthcare center, meet the healthcare providers, understand the community that they serve, and train them on our tablets and applications.

Upon our arrival, we were met by the friendly staff who gave us a tour of their growing facility. Mercy Community Healthcare focuses on four catchment counties, but individuals and organizations from 32 counties travel from all over Middle Tennessee to seek out their services. As such, they need more space to accommodate their growing patient population. With some help from our partners at Healthways, who have generously volunteered their time to paint, garden and even power-wash the facility, Mercy is currently expanding and remodeling their center to better address patient needs.


Throughout our visit, the Mercy staff emphasized their focus and the importance of providing holistic care. In only treating one facet of a person, “we’re missing the big puzzle piece,” said Jonathan Boye, Mercy’s Chief Behavioral Health Officer. By integrating behavioral health and spiritual health with the physical health practice, the providers are able to assess the whole person and their family, and treat them as needed.


Mercy Community Healthcare also has an exemplary care coordination team that works with the providers and patients to help ensure patients get the care they need. For instance, patients may have multiple barriers that prohibit them from fully adhering to their care plan, such as trouble securing transportation or getting time off from work for their appointments. That’s where the care coordination team steps in. They help connect patients to the appropriate providers as well as to ancillary community services, such as free ride sharing, that go beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare.

During the Health eVillages tablet training, the Mercy staff expressed excitement for this technology, and how the devices and the Omnio content they contain — which includes the pill ID and interaction analyzer tool as well as the digitized textbooks and manuals — will help them be more efficient in their day-to-day-work. In the words of Dorothy Bullard, Chief Care Coordination Officer, “The tablets are unbelievable — we need more!”


We truly cannot say enough about these individuals or the amazing work they are doing. The Health eVillages team looks forward to working with Mercy Community Healthcare in the months and years to come help provide critically needed care that addresses the health of the whole person.

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