Health eVillages - Rural Aging
Health eVillages is proud to collaborate with Tivity Health to address core issues facing older adults in rural areas, including social isolation. Social isolation, and closely connected to loneliness, carries greater health risk than obesity or smoking and has been shown to increase mortality, mobility loss, functional decline, and clinical dementia. The forum for our work is the annual Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging, a gathering of more than 130 national, regional and local leaders representing healthcare, government, academia, and the private sector. The Summit is hosted in partnership with Tivity Health, the MIT AgeLab, and the Jefferson College of Population Health. Participants in the yearly Summit, and the year-round working groups are focusing on actionable ideas to reduce the impact of social isolation and enable better health for those aging in rural parts of the country.
“My vision when launching this Summit two years ago was to ensure that actions, not just words, would empower stakeholders to work together to reverse the effects of social isolation,” said Donato Tramuto, CEO of Tivity Health and president and founder of Health eVillages. “I am pleased that less than two years later we have successfully created a movement that has mobilized actions to support older Americans by addressing the impacts of social isolation.”
Born out of the work that began at the Summit, our partner, Tivity Health recently created and launched The new site serves as the most comprehensive digital hub for literature, policy, and thought leadership around the challenges of rural aging. Please visit the site HERE.